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A detailed reference material for playing in the world of Aquaticus.


The storykeepers hold that the world was formed from the mind of the Great Spirit over which both his “Light (generally pleasant things) and Dark (generally tragic or unpleasant things) were expressed.  To each of the Great Spirit’s aspects he created supernatural beings to tend to the needs of each.  Storykeepers hold that those beings that aid the Light side are called Celestials.  Those that aid the Dark Side are called Devils.  While legends hold that mortals have occasionally encountered one of the beings it is extremely rare.  The story keepers say that this is a young world, still growing and full of hope and excitement for those who want more than just to follow in the roles of their families.

The world itself is mainly oceans and seas.  Land masses are limited to islands of various sizes.  Some have been inhabited for over 1000 years.  Others have never seen one of the civilized races ever set foot there.  For many the idea of ever setting foot on land is aborent.  Many clans of civilized people have lived their entire lives on floating communities out in the water.  Some are anchored in one place all the time.  Others are nomadic floating along with the annual tides or purposefully following routes that their favorite sea life takes.


The term civilized has come to mean those races who generally choose to follow the tenets of the Empire. A world government started over a 600 years ago with the goal of regulating trade so that the resources that tend to be unique to each island and seaborne community can be traded in a manner that is generally considered fair for all who agree to be governed by the Empire.  These races include: hill dwarves, the rare mountain dwarves, high and wood elves, the diminutive halfings both lightfoot and stout,  humans of many ethnicities, the elusive but proud dragonborn in their many colors, a sprinkling of the tiny gnomes including the tinkers and much more reclusive wood gnomes, the half-elves and the half-orcs. the later two not being true races in and of themselves but crossbreeds.  This is not to say that every person or even every community in the races above pays homage to the Empire, but the vast majority do.  

There are also members of some of the above races that have adapted to life in the water.  certain elves, humans, halflings, gnomes and dragonborn have developed the ability to either breath water exclusively, or as is more common, developed the ability to breath both air and water for a time.

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